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The Most Cost-Effective Evening Language Program In The Washington, DC Area

Hindi II- Beginner- Intermediate

DC Internationals is proud to offer Hindi II- Beginner-Intermediate- a ten week intensive non-credit course is designed to teach Hindi through immersion, fun and humor.

Times and location

See class schedule.

Foggy Bottom, Dupont Circle and Faragut classroom locations: Contact ross@dcinternationals.com for your class location.

Academic Goals

Hindi II is the continuation of Elementary Hindi I. The course builds upon the basic skills studied during the previous semester by focusing more on verb conjugations, prepositions, adjectives, and direct and indirect object pronouns and the future tense. Upon completion of Hindi II, students should be able to engage in more sophisticated conversations on a range of everyday topics. The students should also expect to advance their reading and writing skills. This course is available to individuals who have a basic knowledge of Hindi and are familiar with its alphabet, basic grammar and sentence structure.

In addition to the material covered in the lessons, which will be passed out at each class meeting, there will be classroom conversation.

The class may take a Mid-Term at week 6-7, depending upon the material covered thus-far.  The week after the Mid-Term we will learn the past tense. While augmenting our lexicon all the while, we will be able to read, write and speak basic sentences in both the present and past tenses. Handouts will facilitate all of the above mentioned. We will have a Final on the last class.


There will be a $25 late fee for course registration after classes begin.





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