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The Most Cost-Effective Evening Language Program In The Washington, DC Area

Sudanese Arabic -Washington, DC (Level 1)

Adjunct Professor: TBD

DC Internationals is proud to offer Sudanese Arabic dialect - a ten week intensive, non-credit course designed to teach Beginning Sudanese Arabic dialect through immersion, fun and humor. This course provides a practical use of Sudanese Arabic dialect for those seeking immediate functional language acquisition.


Times and location

See class schedule.

Foggy Bottom, Dupont Circle and Faragut classroom locations: Contact ross@dcinternationals.com for your class location.

No previous foreign language experience is required. By the end of the semester, you can expect to have basic reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Academic Goals

This course will teach oral Sudanese Arabic skills. The course is meant to assist those deploying and who need quick acquisition of Sudanese Arabic. Although there are no language requirements, it is advantageous if you have previous Arabic study.

Sudanese Arabic dialect students will be taught the alphabet within two classes to facilitate full-language learning within the 10 week class. Students will practice writing the Arabic letters within the textbook called Alif Baa which students may purchase through DC Internationals tax free for $40. Learning the alphabet immediately is essential to keeping up with the course and learning the language. By week three we will learn how to write basic vocabulary and the pronouns, to quickly facilitate basic conversation.

In the same lesson, we will learn the possessive pronouns and the difference between masculine and feminine nouns. These skills will enable students to speak and write non-verbal sentences, also known as equational sentences.Students will begin learning verbs like "to have" at week 4-5. We will learn the present tense that week, hence you will be able to conjugate the three kinds of present tense verbs, differentiated by the vowel patterns.The class may take a Mid-Term at week 6-7, depending upon the material covered thus-far. The week after the Mid-Term we will learn the past tense.


There will be a $25 late fee for course registration after classes begin.






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