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Urdu 4 Standard

starts 1/31, Thursdays 6:00—9:00PM.
Academic Goals: 

Urdu 4 Standard, Urdu Media, requires strong knowledge of all materials covered through MESALI Urdu 3 Standard and or its equivalent. Urdu 4 assumes a strong working knowledge of most Urdu grammar, and expects a demonstrable active wide vocabulary.

The course will challenge students’ ability to listen to news broadcasts, read newspaper articles, and make weekly presentations on current events, including but not limited to, politics, economy, culture, religion and beyond. The course creates realistic scenarios, preparing students for actual work and common every day in-country encounters. It prepares students to work with local government authorities, small businesses, and to navigate the market place. The course will synthesize reading, writing, and speaking skills because language is a combination of each of these skills. By the end of the semester, you can expect to have significantly improved advanced reading, writing, and speaking skills. The course will prioritize speaking, in order to prepare students for their immediate arrival in country or preparation to pass the foreign service officer telephone language examination.