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NEW Course: Comparative Politics of The Middle East, Winter 2018, Steven Cook, PhD

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Comparative Politics of the Middle East

$320 for 18 hours

Registration deadline: January 18 Email ross@dcinternationals.com to register.

Steven A. Cook, PhD.

Adjunct Professor of Middle East Politics

DC Internationals MESALI, ENI Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies
Council on Foreign Relations

This course examines a number of contemporary political issues in the Middle East including Islamist movements, political violence, oil wealth, political liberalization, and economic development.  It is not meant to be a general survey course of Middle East politics, rather a critical examination of how these political issues are linked to larger debates in comparative political analysis.

The lectures and discussions intend to encourage students to evaluate critically arguments and research methodologies.  Students are encouraged to offer alternative hypotheses, evaluate whether questions could be asked differently, and offer novel and interesting ways to understanding the issues under consideration.

Topics Covered

  • Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies: Relevance Check
  • Islamist Mobilization and the Problems of Collective Action
  • The Road to Radicalism
  • Economic Development and Underdevelopment (Part I)
  • Economic Development and Underdevelopment (Part II)
  • The Logic and Structure of Violence
  • Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Middle East (Part I)
  • Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Middle East (Part II)
  • The Arab Spring: Why are social scientists so bad at predicting revolution?
  • Women and Politics in the Middle East
  • Is It Good to be the King?
  • Optics, Symbols, and Rhetoric
  • Course wrap-up and conclusions