DC Internationals MESALI

Washington DC International School and Institute -- Foreign Language Classes, Morocco Cultural Trips, and Performances

Morocco Cultural Trip Open to the Public: October 11-20 2024

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Refunds, Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in a MESALI course, a student agrees to all of the
following terms and conditions regarding payments, deposits, and


  • Payments may be made in person by check, money order or cash
  • Credit card payments may be made on-line subject to a 3% service charge
  • All payments, including course fees, should be made in full at least seven days prior to the first course
  • Admin Fees: Standard courses -- $75, Normal Courses (60, 90, & 120 hours) -- $100.


  • Enrollment for courses requires a non-refundable deposit
  • The deposit for a 15 hour course is $75; the deposit for a 30 hour course is $125; the deposit for longer courses is $200
  • Deposit payments will automatically apply to course fees for the corresponding last sessions of the course


  • Withdrawal requests should be made in writing addressed to ross@dcinternationals.com with reference to the course
  • Course fees are eligible for refund if the withdrawal request is received within five hours of the first class
  • Course fees paid more than seven days in advance are eligible for refund after a withdrawal request
  • Payments for deposits, course materials, on-line service charges, taxes, and administrative fees are non-refundable

Questions regarding payments, deposits, and withdrawals should be
addressed to ross@dcinternationals.com.