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Summer High School Language & Leadership Program

July 1 - August 4, 2018

The competitive MESALI Summer High School Leadership program prepares high school students by distinguishing them from other college applicants. One can never start preparing for college too early, and participation in a leadership program designed for high school students differentiates stellar college applicants from their

During the five week session, the leadership program combines intensive language study with basic leadership training. Students may choose to study one of a variety of strategic languages demanded in tomorrow’s work force. Students may choose from Arabic, Persian, French, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi and Russian.

This program only offers 120 hour courses. Language courses run Monday through Friday, 9:00—12:00 and 1:00—3:00 for five weeks. Courses begin July 2 and finishes August 4. Students must arrive by July 1.

Throughout each week, after daily language training,  students receive afternoon and or evening specialized leadership training. Leadership certified trainers will provide lectures and individual and group excercises in  team building, critical thinking and problem solving.

By the end of the intensive program, Students will become more self-actualized, enhance their confidence, and augment their leadership skill set.

To start students thinking about college majors and eventual careers, MESALI will provide occasional lectures by professionals in an array of fields. Lecturers may include diplomats, journalists, lawyers, Congressional staffers, and lobbyists. Semester schedule permitting, MESALI will organize a college admissions panel, comprising representatives from local Washington DC based universities.

Some weekends, MESALI will lead educational and cultural tours throughout Washington DC. Visits may include Capital Hill, the Library of Congress, the State Department, the White House, embassies and more.

Application Process

Electronic applications must be emailed to ross@dcinternationals.com no later than 11:59 PM June 1, 2018 and hard copies postmarked no later than June 1, 2018.

Hard copy applications are preferred. Applications received by January 31 are considered for partial scholarships. Scholarships and admission are granted on a first come first serve basis, so apply early for scholarship consideration and to secure placement.  Given the rolling admissions, MESALI will inform students as they apply or by January 31 whether they were accepted and or a recipient of a partial scholarship.  Given competition, high-demand, and small class size, we offer a rolling admissions policy. We urge applicants to apply early to secure admission.

Applicants must submit:

  • One page Statement of purpose
  • Scanned Photocopy of the last two report cards/transcripts.
  • Two confidential sealed recommendations:
  • A recommendation from a language teacher. The language teacher’s recommendation should addresslinguistic ability, motivation, and potential to succeed.
  • A recommendation from a social science teacher. The social science teacher’s recommendation should address maturity, demonstrated and potential leadership.
  • Rank your top three language choices. MESALI aims to offer all languages listed; however, a minimum number of students is required to offer the class, hence we request an applicant’s top 3 language choices. MESALI will offer the beginning level of each language. If the applicant has above beginning level language ability, MESALI will aim to provide a commensurate level course.

How to Pay

To secure enrollment and or receive scholarship consideration, make out a check or money order to DC Internationals for $3,060.  Send the aforementioned four items and tuition to:

DC Internationals
P.O. Box 21065
Washington DC 20009

Applications are considered incomplete and MESALI will NOT review applications until all documentation and full tuition is received. There is a $50 check application fee, included in the tuition if accepted to the Summer High School Leadership Program. Accepted applicants who decline MESALI’s offer of admissions receive the full tuition amount, less the $50 admissions fee.


MESALI housing is voluntary. Please visit the housing link for full details.